International Studies in Sport 2001/2002

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International Studies in Sport 2001/2002

Selected Essays 2001/2002

169 pages
Auteur(s): J.-L. Juvet and S. Ingle
Edition: Editions CIES
Date: 2004

The two texts published in this book are the result of project works prepared by two groups of students of the second edition of the International Master (MA) in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport conducted by the Universities of De Montfort, Leicester (UK), SDA Bocconi-School of Management, Milan (Italy) and the Université de Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel (Switzertland), and coordinated by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES). "Sport and Tourism: A Future of Converging Industries" treats the topic of sport and tourism, which represent two of the most important activities in the modern world and a major source of employment. Despite their long individual history, they have been, for the past ten years, more and more connected, sport reinforcing the tourism market in a positive manner. "Closing the Gap: A Model for the Assessment of Football Development in Asia, including a Case Study of the Philippines" treats the question of Asian football. After the successful World Cup organised in Japan and in Korea in 2002, it was obvious that the Asian continent would or should become a large and promising area for the sport of football. For the CIES, it is a pleasure to publish these two project works in its series.