Governance Models Across Football Associations and Leagues

Camille Boillat & Raffaele Poli
Editions CIES
28.27 CHF


National associations and leagues share the responsibility of organising football competitions. However, governance models vary greatly at worldwide level. This book analyses the various existing models of governance. It also studies the role of league representatives and other stakeholders in the decision-making processes of national associations.


In order to give a representative insight of the situation at a global level, the analysis includes thirty-two national associations spread across the six continental confederations. The authors also highlight that the relationship between national associations and leagues can often be a difficult one. As a matter of fact, each stakeholder requires the support of the other, but at the same time neither party wants the other to be too involved in the governance of its own organisation.


Camille Boillat and Raffaele Poli are geographers by training. Camille is a scientific collaborator at the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES), while Raffaele Poli is the head of the CIES Football Observatory.


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