International Studies in Sport 2000/2001

25.00 CHF

International Studies in Sport 2000/2001

Selected Essays 2000/2001

155 pages
Auteur(s): P. Lanfranchi and Th. Probst
Edition: Editions CIES
Date: 2003

The two texts published in this book are the result of project works accomplished by students of the first edition of the International Master (MA) in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport. This Master course is unique because it is taught in three different universities and in three different countries where the students learn about economics, finance, law, historv, sociology, ethics and current issues of sport. "Player's Wages: Can Football Control the 'Prune Juice' Effect?" analyses the phenomenon of the revenues generated bv football clubs largely passing into the players' pockets, thereby leaving the clubs with huge financial problems. "Crisis in Brasilian Football" looks at the endemic financial crisis of Brazilian football, not forgetting the structural and ethical difficulties surrounding it. For the CIES, it is a pleasure to publish the two project works in its series. Both papers reflect their authors' enthusiasm for sport, their expertise in the field of football as well as their ability to work successfully together in an international and multidisciplinary setting. Thus, both papers are excellent examples of what the International Master (MA) in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport stands for.